At Bat Concept, we do all architectural design, civil, mechanical and electrical studies. Throughout the years, we designed more than 80 projects in Lebanon and abroad. These include residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


We have several years of experience as contractors and we dispose of light and heavy construction equipments. In fact, Bat Concept scaffolding system can cover more than a 5000 m2 surface. We have been executing projects since 1994 and have in our locker more than 40 executed projects, including centers, residential buildings, banks, villas, supermarkets, factories, etc. We execute all kinds of works in a building, whether civil, mechanical or electrical.


The most important part of all is the maintenance of the building and of all its materials. At Bat Concept, we perform all sorts of renovation of buildings, from the outside and the inside, from the infiltration of water into the exterior façade to the change of interior design of the apartments… Our staff has more than 20 years of experience, each in his specialty


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